twenty-one things I’ve learned

I guess turning another year older makes you a little more nostalgic than normal. I still have a lot to learn (as Socrates said, “all I know is that I know nothing”), but here are 21 things I’ve realized in the past 21 years. Here’s to another 21 of learning and growing!


  1. “stuff” isn’t really that important
  2. ice cream is always a good idea
  3. plans change, and that’s okay
  4. God is faithful—really, really faithful
  5. social media doesn’t replace real community
  6. road trips are good times to sit still and think
  7. snail mail should be highly valued
  8. opportunities to travel should be taken as often as possible
  9. it’s way more fun to cut your sandwich in triangles
  10. facetime is a wonderful thing
  11. having your life together by college is a myth
  12. daily quiet time really is vital (and there is grace to get back up when I fail)
  13. you can learn something from everyone you meet
  14. setting goals is the first ingredient of success
  15. colored pens make the world go ’round
  16. a change of scenery can do wonders for productivity
  17. sometimes holding your tongue is truly the best idea
  18. travel cubes make life easier
  19. spontaneity is good for the soul
  20. peppermint patties can make any day brighter
  21. sometimes opportunities come from unexpected places or unexpected people

What would you add to the list?

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