Lesson Information and Studio Policies

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Lesson Overview

All students begin with a 30 minute lesson. (A few exceptions apply, especially if the student is very young or advanced.) I teach out of my home in Lilburn, GA, and students attend with their parents until they can drive themselves to lessons. Having a parent in the room has proven to give students more accountability and more motivation to succeed. I ask students to arrive to their lesson 5 minutes early. When they get to my home, students unpack their violin and bow in the foyer and gather their music books. Once the student before them is done with his or her lesson, my students can enter the room and their lesson begins. Once the lesson is over, students pack up their violin and books in the foyer so that the student after them is able to go straight to his or her lesson.

While I expect my students to listen and follow instructions, lessons are not a stressful time. I strive to make my studio as relaxed as possible to provide students with an optimal learning environment. I adapt my teaching style to each student in order to give them the best opportunity to succeed. One of my favorite parts of teaching is seeing their eyes light up in an “ah-ha!” moment, and tailoring to their learning style is a key part of my teaching philosophy.


Trial Lesson: 

Finding a violin teacher is a task that shouldn’t be taken lightly. (Click here to read the 5 Questions You Should Ask a Music Teacher!) Because of that, I offer all my first-time students a free, 30 minute trial lesson to see if we’re a good fit. If you’re interested in scheduling that, fill out this form or send me an email at hannahallenstudio@gmail.com.

Parent’s Role During Lessons and Practice Times: 

To achieve the greatest success, it is vital for each student to practice with a parent. Because violin is such a difficult instrument to learn (especially during the first year), having an extra set of eyes to watch for proper form is helpful. I will explain more of what this might look like during the first few lessons.

The parent’s role during a lesson differs from their role at home. During a lesson, I ask the parent who will practice with the student to sit in and take notes. A spiral bound notebook is a great way to keep all the notes in one place. During the week, the student and parent can look back at the notes to know what to practice at home. Each student should also bring their completed practice sheet, as well as a blank sheet for me to fill out. While I do write a few notes and reminders on the practice sheet, it should not take the place of the parent’s notes. If someone else brings the student to lessons for a week, please make sure they are prepared to sit in and take notes. I do involve the parent in the lesson (especially for younger students), but I ask that parents refrain from interjecting comments on the student’s performance.


Student’s Responsibility During the Lesson: 

The student is responsible for bringing his or her completed practice chart, books, and other materials to each lesson. In addition, the student is responsible for answering my questions and staying focused during lesson time. Part of my goal is to teach my students how to practice and learn, and those lessons will carry over into all areas of their life.


Lesson Payment: 

The lesson time will vary depending on the age and experience of the student; currently, the lesson price is as follows:

30 minute lesson = $15

45 minute lesson = $22.50

1 hour lesson = $30

Payment is due the first lesson of the month, and checks can be made payable to Hannah Allen.  There will be a basket for lesson payments; if you need to pay cash, please put the payment in an envelope and label it with the student’s name.


Missed Lessons:

I allow a total of 3 missed lessons during the school year (September-May). If you must miss a lesson, please notify me as early as possible. If it is within the 3 allowed misses, the payment can be transferred to the next lesson. However, if the student exceeds 3 misses during the school year, I ask that you pay for that lesson. I am happy to try to make up a lesson, but that might not always be possible.


Summer Lessons:

Because consistency is a vital part of progressing in violin, we don’t take the summers off. However, we do have a more relaxed schedule, and I completely understand family vacations and other summer plans that would cause the student to miss a lesson. During the summer, I ask that you let me know when you will be out, and you only need to pay for the lessons you take.


Practice Times:

Below is a chart detailing how much practice time is expected for each level. Students should practice at least 5 days a week; if one day must be missed, the student should make it up another day that week. I expect each student to practice consistently, but if for some reason they haven’t practiced one week, that doesn’t mean lessons should be skipped. Consistent lessons–and consistent, quality practice, especially–are keys to success in violin.

Suzuki Book Practice Time
1-2 30+ minutes
3-4 45+ minutes
5+ 1+ hours


A Note on Siblings Attending the Lesson:

As one of four children myself, I understand the need for parents to bring several (or all) of their children to a lesson. Because of this, I welcome other siblings to tag along. I only ask that they are able to work/read/play quietly, so that the student is not distracted. There is plenty of space for siblings to work, read, or play where the parent can still see them!

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