(First of all, I’m not going to mention that it’s already July and wow this year is going fast)

I ran across a caption I wrote on January 1st and it made me remember how important it is to check in on our goals throughout the year. I’m not one for New Year’s Resolutions per se, but I do thrive off setting goals (and I think it’s the best way to achieve success). Here’s what my prayer was at the beginning of the year:

We marvel at how quickly a year goes by, yet too often feel like the days drag on. So, on January 1st 2018, let’s remember this year with a special fondness because that was the year we finally learned to live life from a place of rest. Let’s open our hearts and homes and lives to each other and show Jesus even in the messiest days. Let’s remember to rely on Him daily, hourly. Let’s live this year with reckless abandon toward Jesus and his plan for us. Let’s make 2017 a year of exploring the depths of God’s word and changing our lives accordingly–not changing God’s word to fit our lives. Let’s face each day with bravery because we know without a shadow of a doubt that we are right where God wants us to be. Let’s embrace this gift of a new year. Let’s make 2017 a manifesto of grace, of mercy, and of courage to follow wherever He leads. 

I had to ask myself, am I living this out? We’re now seven months into 2017. Life is busy. Things are happening in our personal lives and in the world that can easily (easily!) become exhausting.

But today, this first Monday of July, let’s just take a moment to reset. To remember where we want to be in December. And to remember what really matters. It’s way too easy to lose sight of the Kingdom work we are called to do, because that work is invisible. We can’t always see the rewards; we don’t always see the fruit. But we aren’t called to see fruit. We’re called to be faithful sowers. I fail way more often than I succeed. (The whole come and see thing is hard, because real life is hard). But I’m thankful for grace and second (and third and fiftieth) chances, aren’t you?


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