missing fall

A few years ago, I missed fall completely.

I mean, the season happened, but I didn’t let myself really enjoy the beautiful colors of fall until they reached their peak. Then, I thought, it will be beautiful. Then, my eyes can feast on the deep reds and bright oranges and golden yellows that the season promises to bring.

But my imagined version of the “peak” never came. Suddenly, the trees were barren of their leaves and all that was left was a lonely reminder that fall happened.

In all the waiting, I missed the beauty of the season.

I promised myself I would never do that again. I learned the importance of appreciating each moment for what it’s worth, not waiting until it gets better. Because sometimes, what we think of as “better” never happens and we look back with remorse because we missed the good in waiting for the perfect.

I’m learning to see the color as it comes, not waiting until it has reached perfection.

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