choose joy

In the midst of life’s chaos, it’s important to remember to choose joy. Unlike happiness, joy doesn’t come because of our circumstances, but instead comes from knowing the One who is in control of our circumstances.

I made these phone wallpapers as a reminder for myself to choose joy—maybe you’d like a reminder too? Just click the wallpaper you want for the download link…and feel free to share them with anyone who might need a little encouragement.

choose joy phone wallpaper pineapple 1choose joy phone wallpaper ocean 1choose joy phone wallpaper pineapple2

Happy Sunday, friends, and I hope you each have an incredible, joy-filled week.


*these are sized for an iPhone 6/6S, but should work for other phones, as well. Also, don’t save them from this post to your phone…make sure you go to the OneDrive link to get the best quality. 🙂